Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nikon D7100 is Probably Coming. So, Will K-5 be Updated, Too? Soon?


via (Google-translated)

I believe that this is absolutely NOT a typo. If it was, the D7000 should not be there!

So, for we Pentaxians, the main implication and big question is just that will a K-5 replacement come? Very soon? Will it be a K-3, or just a K-5N or K-5 Super like what Nikon would do? (D7100 seems to be a moderate upgrade/update afterall.)

Btw, it seems that the new 16.2MP CMOS sensor as used in the NEX-C3 and NEX-5N has been improved for better IQ when used with old film lenses. In particular, read this side-by-side shootout test (Google-translated) for old manual lenses used on the C3 against the NEX-5, all we can see are that vignetting is far less obvious with the C3 and the image corner sharpness/resolution is superior, too, for the *same* lens and aperture! :-o And, do note that the tester used Contax G film lenses for the test. In fact, NO in-camera image processing for the "lens-correction" could be made possible for those legacy lenses!

Besides, the new upper grade 24MP Sony APS-C sensor used in the NEX-7 has started to show off its power, look at the new full size samples from the IR, taken with a pre-production NEX-7:-

Note that the firmware version and the model name as recorded in the EXIF both indicate that it is only a beta unit. But what I would say is that the IQ is really impressive!

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