Friday, September 16, 2011

An Excellent Japanese Photo Blog

There are lots of photos of a variety of different topics, despite that it is themed for dogs for the blog name. Many of the photos are quite interesting and well done, although all of which are in web size and by no means for pixel-peeping.

This moon shot, as found in the above main "camera" page, taken with the Nikkor 300mm/2.8 on a D700, is nice and not so typical and ordinary:-

At the side bar at the right-hand-side of the blog, there are links of different categories and pages which are grouped by different bodies and then lenses. It seems that the K-x is yet his mostly used camera despite that the guy seems to have also many other cameras and gear like the K-5 and the Nikon full-frame gear. I guess he does love Pentax but just that Pentax does not have any full-frame gear so far and just he acquired also the Nikon/Nikkor. Besides, the DA16-45 seems to be his favourite lens which has the highest number of post count. Below are just some example pages:-

Well, the guy DIY a locked shutter release for his K-x, for star/astro-shooting, see:-

And this time-lapse taken with the DA16-45 on a K-x is quite nice:-

(YouTube Link:

He used another K10D to take this still photo at the same time as his K-x was occupied for the time-lapse:-

Explore further yourself and Enjoy! :-)

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