Monday, September 12, 2011

Pentax Succeeded to Adapt ALL Lenses and Mounts on Earth, with the Assistance from 3rd Party!

With the shortest ever back-focus register distance for an interchangeable lens camera system on Earth, Pentax has made another big achievement with the assistance of Japanese accessory maker Rayqual, whom has made many Q-mount adaptors for various different lenses from C/D-mount to FD and then also one for K lenses of Pentax themselves:-

via 1001 Noisy Cameras.

The prices are 16380 Japanese Yens (now about US$210) for normal SLR mounts and US$162 for the C or D mount adaptors.

So, my congrats to Pentax again, for this big success (that no-one has achieved before!) this time! The 5.5X super multiplier is yet another "the world-first" and "biggest", no matter what and after all! ;-D

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