Thursday, March 08, 2012

2012 ILDC/DSLR Lab-Test Shootout by French Magazine Fnac (for 22 Models)

Someone emailed me the link for the review article in pdf (in French), which is really interesting and useful. I have to say thank you to that guy! :-) (Although it seems that he just wanted to be anonymous here, otherwise I should have given direct credit to him publicly.)
(in French)

They tested various IQ and performance aspects of a camera including resolution, colour accuracy, ISO SNR, AF speed and hit rate, lens distortion and vignetting, image stabilisation ability and etc.

Enjoy! If you do not read French, just use an Acrobat Editor (not pure Reader), change from the dragging view mode to cursor mode, select the text and copy and paste into the Google translater. That's it! :-D

In particular, Page 4 of the review has a detailed explanation on all the tests carried out for the conditions and purposes of the tests.

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