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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pentax K-g? (Hoax, I Believe)

Photo Rumors have posted this, for someone sent them in the "secret":-

But I don't think that it is true and do believe that it is just a hoax. It doesn't make any sense at all to make a product like this, nor, it is really impractical for manufacturing and neither for sales. And, the fashion K-mount body is the K-01 in the meantime. They really do NOT need another body to compete with the K-01 amongst themselves nor they really have the resources to maintain so many product lines especially for the same market segment! Finally, the blurred name looks like "K-g", which is yet another obvious big non-sense! >:-o And, if they are going to market such a colourful camera, why the final image of it is yet in full GREY? (which can yet be clearly seen despite that it is blurred.)

Update: This is obvious FAKE! Because there exists an obvious grammatical mistake, also! All the words "color" should be read as "colors"! Yet to verify this error, I've just checked the old official K-r page at the Pentax Japanese home, it is confirmed that they just didn't make such an obvious and careless mistake!

So, Case Closed! Someone just had nothing better to do and tried to fool all of us via the PR! Really Disgusting! >:-|