Friday, March 23, 2012

Hong Kong Flower Show 2012

The show was too crowded with people, so as the photo gear. Actually, I think it is more a camera show than flowers', despite that there are also many "seas of flowers".

I was seeing many people brought a lot of gear of theirs to the show, e.g., bringing several bodies plus a dozen of lenses and/or along with more than two tripods plus monopod, which just looked quite amazing and amusing to me! :-o On the other hand, there are also some other beginners and casual shooters who only had some simple and basic equipment. I am not a beginner, but I was just too lazy to bring just only my K-5 with a DFA 100 Macro lens attached, along with a NEX-3 with a E30 Macro mounted, so that I could have a wider view without the need of changing lenses when it was needed.

I was taking all my photos somehow in a hurry manner but not in a great mood, as there were too many people. Still, I would share some of my Pentax photos in the following album. Enjoy!~

(Or to view the Slideshow Here)

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