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Monday, March 12, 2012

PZ Measurebation Test on Sony E30/3.5 Macro on NEX-7


Btw, I don't think the E30 lens of Sony is a lens designed for measurbations. But in real-world use, I can see that it is not a bad lens optically and I do like it over the kit zoom of E18-55 for all the other more favourable characteristic of a piece of *glass*, e.g., less distortion, better colour rendition, finer grey description and smoother bokeh and etc. But then, the said things nowadays are always overlooked by people as they are usually watching and believing *too much* the lab tests, which IMHO is just a single source of reference of which the tests are carried out under a *single* testing condition for a single scenario, e.g., those MTF tests shoot only a resolution chart at close distance, i.e., should they place a large enough resolution chart at infinity to re-check the optical performance again? ;-D We all knew that it is impossible!

To balance with the really adverse rating of Klaus about the optical performance of the E30 lens in his test, you can read my previous tests and samples below made with the lens, real-world or not! :-)

NEX E30/3.5 Macro Quick Samples (Large + Full Sized)

NEX E30 Macro Prime Vs E18-55 Kit Zoom Shootout (Infinity Scene)

(Sony NEX) E30/3.5 Macro Vs (Pentax) FA28/2.8 AL Lens Measurbation and Shootout (Wide Opened to f/16)