Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Yet Another 5D3 First Test (also at the HK Press Conference)

(Traditional Chinese)

Four full samples at high ISOs are posted but only one is contained with full EXIF. Moreover, the silent mirror/shutter mode and the standard/normal mirror mode are compared in the following videos:-

(Above: Normal mode)

(Below: "Silent" Mode)

It is easily noticed that the mirror action in the silent mode is not as loud but it also looks slower. In fact, to make both a fast moving and slient mirror is really technically challenging, which I think only the EOS 1 series bodies of Canon will give you that (but not a 5D).

Btw, the same limitation can be found in the K-5, the K-5's mirror action is silent and gentle but I don't think its response could really be considered quick and fast - I feel that it is somehow a bit slower than my original 5D.

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