Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bug Report: Repeatable K-01 Crash


Further to what Steve Huff found and reported last time, it seems that the K-01 is not stable enough as a production version, hardware and/or software wise. In the above case, the K-01 has become a torch with green LED light! :-o Undoubtedly, Pentax should roll out a new firmware soonest and hopefully all the reported problems could be eliminated completely - but only if those are not a hardware related issue. Otherwise, if it is just like the infamous K-r tungsten (yellow light) front focusing issue which is most likely to be a hardware design latent defect, it can never be cured via firmware update till the end of the days! >:-[

After all, I think this bug is an obvious oversight by Pentax, they just forgot that there exists some old Pentax FA* and F* glass are equipped with a quick AF/MF clutch for quick switching! Btw, I really doubt that if they ever bothered to find some old *users* (I meant real ones but not merchants!) to beta test their new cameras, or they have just roughly skipped the beta testing step and procedure! >:-(

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