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Monday, March 05, 2012

A Production K-01 Vs K-5 JPEG/ISO Shootout Test (Re-Tested)

The Pentax NDA breaker, Frank/Fengwei strikes again! Here is his latest shootout test of the above at the PF:-


(As shown in the EXIF, the K-01 is with production firmware version 1.0 and the K-5 is with the latest firmware of version 1.13.)

Whilst the test shows that for all shots, the K-01 is superior in IQ whilst the K-5 sucks, I have to point out the three primitive flaws that I could find quickly about those K-5 shots and his test:-

1. The focus is really not that accurate, some obvious out-of-focus can be seen: Despite that it is said manual focus was used to determine the focus, the actual focusing method is not stated (for the K-5 only). Was it focused with Live View or through the viewfinder. And, what focusing aid did he use? Say for example, if he used Live View with the K-5, did he magnify the image and for how much? If not and if he just used the finder, did he rely on the focus indication or just by his own eyes through the finder via the focusing screen and so on;

2. The sharpening level is different: It is obvious that the K-01 photos have been applied more sharpening than the K-5's. The unsharp mask (USM) radius seems to be smaller, too;

3. Shutter blur and mirror blur and shake with the K-5 images: Despite that it is stated that a sturdy tripod and the 2-sec timer with mirror lock was used (the K-01 did not have a mirror anyway!), WHY carried out the test in such super dim environment? We all knew that K-5 was not focusing accurately enough at low light, which is just worse than the old K20D. And, the long exposure would cause more problem of camera shake, which the K-5 is more susceptible to as a DSLR.

With all the problems I've found above within "seconds" ;->, I believe the above shootout test is considered completely useless, or actually it is misleading. Never mind, I recall that every time a new Pentax camera was marketed, Frank/Fengwei would show that the new camera was really ever strongest and the old cameras were trashed as compared, and whatsoever. So, this time, as before, the "test" result is actually well expected! ;-p Btw, will he be able to sell more of the new Pentax cameras as a result? I dunno - Maybe only the K-5 sales is hurt! :-o

Update (3-6):-

The post-everywhere Pentaxian online posting expert and measurbator Frank/Fengwei re-did his whole test and now the whole opening post of his at the PF and DPR as well were edited. Never mind, he has updated and uploaded all the image files for us to re-measurbate. His conclusion seems to be the same, though, i.e, he believes that the K-01 is superior in IQ than the K-5. But I still remember that last time his posted samples of his new K-5 gear, *were* very "sharp", far better than Ned Bunnell's with the same set of gear! :-o After all, I think Pentax should employ talent Pentaxians especially whom like Frank to replace some mediocre sales people who are currently working for Pentax, as Frank is actually doing the promotion jobs of his outstandingly! ;-D