Friday, March 09, 2012

Some "Negative" Comments on K-01 from PF's Initial Hands-on Review


"The K-01's contrast detect autofocus (CDAF) performs very well; it is more than adequate for its target audience. However, it is noticeably slower and less sensitive than the Pentax SAFOX IX phase-detect TTL AF system (PDAF) found in current DSLRs. It is slightly faster and more accurate than the DSLR live view contrast-detect AF system overall (much faster in bright light, but not much better at close range or in low light) and consistently seems to use a different (improved) algorithm to lock focus."

"As would be expected of this type of camera, the K-01 isn't perfect for more serious shooters and Pentax has deliberately excluded certain features."

"Overall, the K-01's shutter is noisier than we had expected, and since CDAF does more guesswork than PDAF, focusing is also more noisy than it would be on a DSLR."

Well, this time it seems that this PF review is balancing and fair enough, against what it could be overall too positive in the past and many of the shortcomings of those Pentax gear are not pointed out clearly and intentionally toned down. Maybe it's time for me to refer to their reviews more often, or even for me to re-post again at the PF (if I have the time!)! ;-D


K-01 1st look by Steve Huff (Video Review)

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