Thursday, March 22, 2012

The P-TTL of the K-01 is even More Pathetic? (Or Is It the Silly Ambient Light Metering Instead?)

Read this latest K-01 user report (at the DPR) and it is soon learnt that the on-board P-TTL was doing a bad job for the daylight fill flash, everything is washed out seriously:-

The user then told that the camera was put in Full Auto. With an Auto ISO of 200 chosen (by the camera) together with an aperture of f/5.6, I don't think the result should turn out to be as poor as that, as for the flash settings. However, the 1/60s Tv seems to be rather low if the scene was actually brighter (if it was near the sunny-16 brightness, say). So, it might be the new super multi-segment "intelligent" ambient light meter (now under full Live View mode) has been fooled and went nuts and overexposed the scene so that almost the whole frame was burnt. Otherwise, once again the K-01 onboard P-TTL flash is really Pathetic, which could be even worse than the one found on our Pentax DSLRs! :-o

After all, the infamous Pathetic-TTL problem of Pentax will never end, as it seems to be! >:-[

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