Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Once Again, K-01 is Found to be Almost as Large as K-5

Source: (in Japanese)

Via: DSLR Maniac (Japanese)

This reminds me that in the last interview of the Pentax sales head by the PF that the large size of the K-01 is actually an advantage since it will be more easy to hold the body and now the body-n-lens combo as a whole will be more "balancing" especially when large lenses are used! What a marketing! :-o That guy is really brilliant, I must say, and glad to see Pentax has talent people like him!

At the end of the day, the viewfinder is cut but not much size and weight is saved. It is then lately discovered by someone that the K-01 cannot output video signal via HDMI under shooting mode but in playback mode *only*, followed by what we learnt about the omissions of many standard Pentax DSLR features as disclosed last time by Pentax officially via their Japanese website. These omissions include the in-camera wireless flash trigger and the full function support of the O-GPS1. So after all, I now know what it is all about the "simplified" design and concept of the K-01, i.e., everything is crippled but without any alternative and clear advantages! >:-o At Pentax' side, I think manufacturing costs are saved and hence there will be a larger profit margin!

In short, I think that the K-01 is not only half-baked, but it is now quite safely to say that it is half-brick, if it is just not a full one! ;->

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