Thursday, March 08, 2012

K-01 1st look by Steve Huff (Video Review)


So, here are what I've observed:-

1. The camera hanged and locked up starting from 4'10" after only some play and it was required to remove the battery in order to reset the camera.

2. The AF speed can be seen, which is not fast and the responsiveness/sensitivity is low with the 40mm XS pancake lens.

3. As Steve has mentioned, there is no viewfinder with the K-01 and we should notice that the hard reflection from the LCD of the K-01 throughout the whole video as it has no anti-reflective coating to minimise glare, despite that it is the only viewfinding device that is available in the camera. In contrast to other mirrorless like all the NEX bodies, the K-01 monitor lacks not only the anti-reflection coating, but also it doesn't have an articulated mon.

4. Near the end of the review video, the flimsy door cover for all the I/O port including the SD card slot can be seen once again. I just wonder when the thin and weak joint of it would be broken eventually sooner! :-o

Oh well, after the excitement of the initial product announcement, I now just tell myself: I should NOT buy this POJ and waste my money! :-x (Although I always want to buy new stuff from Pentax! :-()

Update on Reactions (3-9):-

Some Pentax fanboys are pissed off. They put much anger towards Steve for his this quick review for the hard facts shown and the simple statements made:-

At the end of the day, a reviewer like Steve is subject to his own opinions, isn't he? Yes, the K-01 unit is loaned to him by Pentax, very possibly. Some fanboys then suggested that Pentax should not "deal" with this guy anymore in the future because of what he has shown and commented and it was necessary to "punish" him! :-o

But I'm afraid that until recently even now the Pentax Forums, being a close business partner of the PRAC (Pentax Ricoh America Co.), has started to report more faithfully about the shortcomings of new Pentax products. So, this should be what the true role of a reviewer should take, i.e., to let the public know and decide and to help the manufacturer to improve! By doing so, the review site will earn more creditability and at the same time, I don't think this will hurt much for their income (in case if they are profit-making). If it really was, DPR had already run out of business long time ago!

I think if the PR guys at Pentax really have similar mentality like those boys are having, that would be the end of the brand! Very Frankly! >:-[ After all, they should treasure every of such "negative" findings and see what they could do to debug and improve - but not to put pressure or anger towards those who faithfully report their findings and to be honest enough!

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