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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A More Realistic Approach to Tackle with the Finderless/Pentaxless Trend of Pentax!

Since the Q and now the K-01, it seems that the Finderless and Pentaxless direction of Pentax is clear and could not be stopped! >:-o ;-D

So, what can those Pentax users do, if they still want to invest in those new bodies? Well, first see this DIY cheap solution!

A somewhat detailed discussion thread can also be found here at the PF:-


So, this is an end product for what a Q user successfully made:-

Do note that the finder must be matched in the Angle/Field of View (AoV/FoV) with the lens in use for its effective focal.

Well, there are other choices off the shelves, amongst them are designed and built for different AoV, I tabulate a quick summary of those which are currently on the market:-

Effective AoV in 135 Equivalent
Estimated Cost (US$)
Ricoh GV-1 for GRD21mm (w/ 28mm Frame)$259
Samsung Hotshoe-mount* EA-OVF1 for EX1
*Widely Reported to be Larger in Size than Standard, Samsung is Really Funny!
Panasonic DMW-VF1 for LX3/5
Sigma VF-11 for DP1/S/X
Nikon NH-VF2828mm
Ricoh GV-2 for GRD3/428mm
Olympus VF-1
Leica OVF for X1
Fotoman Zoom Finders for Medium Formats (Two Models)39-100mm / 60-140mm
Pentax O-VF1

Okay, my research would better end here. Nonetheless, even if the Pentax Q/K-01 users buy all of the above, has the problem been resolved completely? :-o If anyone still finds that the above are just too expensive and/or useless, they could also consider this:-

Simple Solution to the Lack of Viewfinder of the K-01!

Whilst it is really cheap enough, the image coverage will be lowered with the use of the this accessory as the LCD display image is magnified and a bulky thing is added, too!

At the end of the day, I am asking again: WHY all these troubles?!! >:-{