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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Posting Rules for Making Blog Comments (Updated)

I have been hoping everyone who posts here is self-disciplined and as an adult, everyone should know what should be done and what shouldn't and what are the right things and what are wrong. But yet I could still see quite some repeated uncivilised comments by some individuals with name-callings/personal attacks or even foul languages in their replies posted at the "Comments" section. Nevertheless, a large number of those have automatically been caught by the IntenseDebate system by default, as those words are clearly not allowed for most sites and by common standards.

After all, I do hope that anyone here can enjoy the highest degree of freedom in providing his/her opinions, which are to be expressed freely. Particularly, this ideal of mine can be achieved easily here as I have no commercial nor money interest of any at my this pure hobby site. In fact, as many people could see, I often have greatest tolerance to people who jumped on me and I did not lose my temper and still replied to them with due respect and good manners and still let their comments remained unless they were really over the top.

What I want to tell is that I shall continue to insist my basic principles above and all I want is to keep a site at where all we Pentaxians can share our opinions and anything about Pentax, with the greatest degree of freedom in speech but everyone is hopefully to be self-disciplined and with due respect to each other. In this connection, I post the rules here which are copied from another blog of mine. Indeed, all those are very trivial and are the most basic things. Anyway, here they are:-

Posting Rules at RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

1. You have to write on-topicly according to the topic of each Blog post;

2. You bear all the responsibilities and liabilities personally by yourself for what you wrote;

3. Be civilised and human. Don't write in offensive language and in particular no foul language nor personal attack/name calling are allowed;

4. In case of any dispute that may arise, I reserve the rights of final judgement and the rights of settlement by whatever means as deemed necessary and appropriate;

5.* Please don't try to SPAM this site. If you have your point(s) to raise. Make it clear for only a limited number of times but NOT to REPEAT it *endlessly* in a way that all the replies are yours but actually with the same repeated viewpoint(s) in all of your replies within a short period but without anything new;

6.* Using Nickname in replying is welcome and that's actually how the Internet works. However, please don't try to use different nicknames, pretend and reply consecutively as I don't think this is ethical or at least
honest enough - My humble advice;

7. Rules will be reviewed periodically and are subject to change accordingly as deemed necessary;

8. Everyone who posts here hereby agrees with the above rules and should be bound by them. In case of anyone who violates any of the aforesaid rules, I reserve the rights to edit/delete the comment(s) and/or temporarily or permanently ban the user.

*Newly Added; Last Updated: March 22, 2012.


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