Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hoax Continues? Pentax K-z?

Further to the last story, the rumour continues!

Via: Photo Rumors.

But, the grammar is still wrong! The word "colors" should be "color" this time, in order to make it correct, as noun adjective should be singular! :-o Moreover, the word "select" is not a noun. As such, if it is used as a verb, it should be placed at the beginning!

It seems that someone has just read my last comment and intentionally added back the "s" but he has not been aware that it is yet incorrect in this case!

Nonetheless, if this is really true but not a hoax, those Pentax marketing guys should really go back to primary schools to re-learn the ABC of English and grammar! :-o And, in Germany, I'm afraid that they have to create another name for the same camera, too, as KZ simply means Concentration Camp over there! :-o

Update (3-22):-

Just seen this new post by Adam, owner of the Pentax Forums:-

It is told that "more details about this will be revealed tomorrow...".

Now, I believe that this new camera should be real. It is because it has already been quite a long time for Adam for working closely with Pentax as well as other business partners like B&H and other camera dealers. As such, he could be considered as an insider essentially and his words about unrevealed new Pentax stuff could be treated more seriously.

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