Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Pentax Reviews for K-01 and 645D

1. PF's K-01 full review has been out. Wow, their working efficiency is really High! :-o

Before jumping to view the conclusions of theirs (of which most of the "findings" are well expected!), I've discovered that the measurbation images of the K-01 are soft and it is rather obvious when the same crops of the images from both cameras are compared, e.g.:-


So, it seems that it exists some issues with the K-01. Are the images out focused? Or the sensor and image processing are actually different? Are the AA filters different? Or, have PF chosen very different settings in the cameras (which is unlikely IMO)? No matter how, the obvious differences in results are there!

2. Next, there is a late brand new 645D user review at Adorama:-


Nothing really special IMO but still worth a look if you want to learn findings from an user perspective and see his views.

3. Lastly, at the more official side, Ned Bunnell has lately re-activated his blog (after long inactivation) and has shown us a demo video about the manual focus peaking of the K-01:-

I think the demo is short but clear.

Anyway, MF peaking is not a new thing by now. Look at the old video demo below for the NEX-C3. It seems that Sony's is still easier to use and should be better:-

Via:Manual Focusing in LiveView Mode Will Make Ever Easy and Accurate

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