Friday, March 02, 2012

New 5D3 Release Suspends My Pentax Purchasing Plans

Planned to buy an external flash for my K-5 as well as the DA15 and DA17-70 lenses but yet have been hesitating about their performance and accuracy. But now since the 5D3 really comes, I have decided to withhold all my Pentax purchasing plans as fund is always inadequate! :-( In fact, I would rather buy the new Canon 600EX flash which is cheaper than a Pentax 540 flash locally (assuming that it is priced near the current 580EX cost). The 360 and 540 flashes as well as the Metz P-TTL alternatives have been found to be rather inaccurate and unpredictable when any of these is used on the K-5 as widely reported and as re-confirmed hands-on by myself, for more than once actually. And, I think I do not really need to buy the DA17-70 as I already had my EF24-105L lens which is optically better throughout the whole range and is quite sharp wide opened and it is a true 24mm wide in AoV but not much heavier. Maybe soon I would return to concentrate to play in the Canon FF land again as I still don't think APS-C is as good as FF in IQ, no matter how, and after I've been using my K-5 for some time now.


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