Thursday, March 22, 2012

Useless K-01 "Preview" at Dpreview

Just for the sake of reporting the news, I write this post. But the preview won't give us any new information and everything it presents is well known. Btw, the link is still included below but I suggest that you'd better skip this in order to save some time of yours! (This is at least my own feeling after going through it!)

The camera is a pre-production unit as told and there is not even any beta sample, not even one! Well, we knew that the K-01 has been marketed worldwide for weeks already but DPR guys still get the beta unit in their hands? Pardon? What's Pentax UK doing? Or, DPR has just been too lazy to give it a trial before they have finally decided to publish such an useless report until today, "Just"?! >:-(

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