Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Astrophotography with Pentax Q (Adapted to Telescopes)

This Jupiter shot is not bad:-

Source Post: http://www.tomytec.co.jp/borg/world/blog/2011/09/20110917.html

The moon shot with the same gear set is somehow impressive, too:-

The magnification is clearly much larger than that with a NEX-5N with that super multiplier of the Q, just compare yourself with this set of bird shots made with the Q (with the same telescope, I suppose) for what it could be delivered and indeed the different results. (But I'm afraid the magnification maybe too large for bird shooting. Well, only the bird's butt can be seen!? :-o ;-> Besides, the IQ of the NEX photos are obviously better, too.)

And, here are some other related links for the adoption to different telescopes and the required/used accessories and adaptors, etc.:-




Enjoy! :-)

Aftera all, it seems that Pentax has successfully to explore and open new markets for CCTV lenses adoption and now for astro-telescopes! Wow, what a really "big" marketing success that has been achieved!? ;-D

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