Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sony has Responded Promptly to the 5N Video Clicking Issue

Yes, "every camera has issues" but the more important thing is how the maker reacts with those reported issues for a new camera.

Well, Sony USA has responded to the clicking found sound when the NEX-5N is shaken during video recording. See what Sony Alpha NEX Blog reports.

This reminds me of how long it took for Pentax to respond for the first time about the K-5 sensor "stains" and "UFO" problem for the last time. Sony only took a few days to react and found a solution and commit for repair/upgrade and Pentax had only been able to provide a vague statement after a quarter or so, since it was first reported (and then complained endlessly by many new K-5 users thereafter)! :-o

So, the obvious difference is here and the marketing success or failure has already been defined, almost! I can bet if exactly the same 5N problem was happened to any Pentax camera, they would simply ignore it as it is somehow an "user error", frankly! ;-D How should the user shake the camera like that during video recording?!

Speaking back of Pentax and the K-5, when and how has the widely reported mirror jumping issue been responded by Pentax up till now? >:-[

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