Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pentax US Ads on the Q

First, a video uploaded to the YouTube:-


The above seems to be a TV ad as there is also a 15-second trimmed version of it.

Next, also the new posters:-


Btw, I think the Q posters by Pentax Imaging are just too technical orientated. IMHO, the Pentax US guys should actually soft-sell the Q, e.g., emphasizing leisure and life style so as to target the Q to ladies and youngsters, instead of aiming at men again! Frankly, the Q could never be a strong camera technically. So, trying to emphasizing that it is evolved from DSLRs is indeed rather misleading and that would be flawed, frankly! The gear-heads will never be satisfied, even for the current Pentax DSLRs! How would/could the Q replace the DSLRs after all? (But they say, "Capture More, Carry Less"!)

P.S. I think Ned and his guys should thank me for freely advertising the Q and help them to promote for free in their latest marketing campaign! ;-D

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