Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Toshiba FlashAir - An Eye-Fi Alternative

See this official press release:-

(in Japanese, or English Here (Google-translated))

via Jimmy Yen's Blog (Traditional Chinese)

So, let's see if the Toshiba offer will consume less power, and more importantly, to transmit data faster than what Eye-Fi could do! Nonetheless, the latest Pentax DSLRs and DCs support Eye-Fi only and it is unsure that if support to the Toshiba FlashAir would be added.

Speaking of those wireless and radio related stuff adopted in cameras, other than the wireless photo transmission, the other thing I can think of is the GPS function. I have seen that Nikon has recently made their AW100 to be equipped with the additional A-GPS function (which A stands for Assisted), which I think is invaluable for providing more accurate location in urban areas, and more importantly, with much higher availability, too. But the big question in my head is that if the AW100 requires a mobile phone SIM card??

Btw, the AW100 has arrived too late, as the summer has elapsed already, which IMHO is just a complete marketing fault of Nikon - Are they going to sell the AW100 as a tough camera that is solely to be used in the Winter (for snowing etc.), as the selling point? :-o

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