Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pentax Q is Selling Very Well at Japan (Best Ever Result for a New Pentax Product!)

This is the latest sales results for ILDCs/DSLRs as posted by the Japanese BCN for the last week:-

Click on the second page of the chart we can see the Pentax Q (White/Prime Kit) is there, at the top!

The sales of the Black Q Kit is not bad, neither. It is positioned at no. 17, just right behind the Sony NEX-C3 standard twin-lens kit in silver, which is also sold at exactly the same price as the Q single prime lens kit.

Congrats, Pentax! I think this is the ever biggest sales and marketing victory of Pentax in these ten years or so! And, a bigger sensor is not needed and the real IQ is of second concern, coz marketing tricks could prevail. Anyway, at a price of JPY 69,800 (~US$7k) let's see if the good sales of the Q will continue and persist.

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