Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ricoh GR Digital 4

According to the latest rumour news from the Photo Rumors, the Ricoh GR Digital 4 is coming very very soon, on the day after tomorrow~ ;->

A quick glance to its rumoured specs reveals that it is Oly XZ-1 alike and would possibly be using the same CCD sensor. With that sensor, video recording is still the weakest part, though.

Btw, the sensor is yet larger than that of the Q but it has two Mega less pixels for the total count.

So, what is the implication of this "news"? Well, Pentax has been selling its new product under the "Pentax" name. The recent RZ18 could be even a Ricoh rebadged as the "RZ" name is highly suspicious! In fact, Ricoh had used the RZ prefix for many years as the family name of their film P&S zoom compacts in earlier days! (Disclaimer and Warning: Wild Guess Only! ;-)) Now, Ricoh will continue sell their new GRD/DCs as Ricoh. And then Pentax would be Pentax but Ricoh could even be Pentax! Hey, guys, our celebration again?! ;-D


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