Monday, September 19, 2011

A Better Pentax Mirrorless is Coming?

Thanks to Blog reader Voice of Reason and yet another guy who opted to drop me an email, we have the following latest news or rumour about Pentax/Ricoh:-

EXCLUSIVE: Ricoh to Beef Up Digital Camera Biz [Jiji Press English News Service]

Update: The original source Japanese article can be found here:- (Excite English Translation Here)

For what it is important, quoted:-

"A new mirrorless camera will be developed by Pentax Imaging Systems Co., which the Japanese office equipment maker will acquire on Oct. 1 to take over the Pentax brand, the sources said."

"Equipped with a larger sensor, the new model will allow for a wide variety of photo styles, such as making out-of-focus areas in a shot much more blurry, the sources said."

So, is it a K-mount mirrorless from Pentax this time? Any chance? Or, is this *rumour* reliable enough after all??

Btw, the Q is also mentioned, it is described as "it was rather designed for beginners with a small image sensor", nonetheless.

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