Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pentax Q Flickr Pool of Samples

Thanks to Blog reader "eighter" for the alert, we have the following sample pool for the Q, from all the end-users:-

Well, what I have to say is that I am NOT impressed with the IQ, especially for the Toy Lenses, nor when the lens on Q is stopped down, which blur and loss in resolution must be resulted (because of diffraction).

There are a lot of original pictures posted with full EXIF, just check the "all sizes" option and download and view, then you can see what lens is used and what are the settings. The Flickr interface is clumsy and troublesome, though. So, beware not to get lost during the course.

Besides, here is a new end-user Q report I have come across, there are 55 photos provided in his post (in 1920 pixels in width):-
(in Traditional Chinese, Google Translation to English Here)

Whilst the user seems to quite like his new Q, I would say the IQ (in particular the colour rendition) of his downsized photos are just so-so, frankly.

Speaking of samples, maybe we have concentrated too much on the Q recently. It actually comes to my attention that the DFA645 25mm F4 lens has been on sales and below are some sample or test photos that a new user has posted:-

With the small size of the photos, the true power of the 645D and lens is not faithfully shown, nevertheless.

Besides, someone else posted some very nice astro-photos made with the K-5 and O-GPS1 (and software overlaid for multiple images, too), here they are:-

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