Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cheapest Tilt-Shift DC & Lens Ever
(Traditional Chinese, English Here (Google-translated))

The camera has built-in Lomo effect, too, without the need of applying a digital filter! Just look at the sample photos, for example:-

Really Nice~ It's time for Pentax to make such a toy lens for the Q, really! ;->

It reminds me of when the last time Pentax did a shift (only, not tiltable) lens of theirs, in K-mount, which is the K28/3.5 Shift.

Btw, if Pentax does not make it, the user can still do it yourself, here is a guide. The guy modded a lens to tilt/shiftable and then put it on an *ist DS to shoot! :-o

But then, after all, is it really so important, as certain built-in software digital filters of our Pentax cameras could still do some similar effects! Right? ;-p

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