Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More WG-1 GPS Samples (of Mine)

As long as IQ is concerned, I am not convinced what the Q could do more than a contemporary P&S DC after viewing so many Q samples. In fact, user-friendliness wise, I believe that the Q does even have less portability, than most DCs.

Anyway, further to my last full review on my WG-1 GPS, I post some more more samples from the WG-1 so that anyone here can compare once again, to see if the Q could really supersede any current DC in IQ, and how would it be different, or not!

All samples are resized to 12 megapixels. Original images are available for download per picture page.

You can measurebate again the resolution, colour rendition, dynamic range, noise, flare resistance and whatsoever. Nonetheless, the video quality is still terrible, which will not be changed at the end of the day! :-( Here is yet a sample clip (view in 720p for the best possible video quality):-


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